Flyers, Sixers recognize 'Autism Awareness'

PHILADELPHIA - April 3, 2014

The Flyers and Sixers have signed up to help more families with kids on the spectrum enjoy the games just like any other family.

The sights and sounds of a hockey game can be a lot to handle for any child especially one on the autism spectrum.

But Dr. Wendy Ross says the Wells Fargo Center is working with the Autism Inclusion Resources program. A similar program helped get kids on the spectrum familiar with flying and it trained TSA workers.

Staff at Wells Fargo will have educational classes this summer.

And next season, families with children with autism will be invited to go to games with a clinician to ease them into the atmosphere.

"I feel if we can get kids in the community much sooner with their families, we can change the trajectory of their whole lives," said Dr. Ross.

That is the goal, as kids on the spectrum grow up.

Also at Thursday night's Flyers game, the Bucks County Admirals will participate in 'Mites on Ice'. Some of the players on that team have autism or other special needs.

The Phillies are also working with the inclusion program.

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