Crash leads to partial collapse of Chester home

CHESTER, Pa. - April 6, 2014

It happened around 12:30 Sunday morning on the 700 block of West Second Street.

The driver careened off Route 291 at Reany Lane and went flying into the front of the home.

Neighbors jumped from their beds when they heard the crash.

"I just heard a big slam and a bang," said Joanne Stewart.

The homeowner, Ed Riley, is usually watching TV on the first floor but went to sleep early.

That decision may have saved his life. He awoke in his bed upstairs to the big bang and then the sounds of his house falling down around him.

"Well, I heard a loud thump and actually when I went to roll out of bed the curtains and the blinds started to fall and when I stood up all I could see was dust," he said.

Riley went out the back door, came around front, and saw that the entire façade of the house had come crumbling down.

A woman was trapped behind the wheel of the SUV which was covered in the bricks, mortar, and the personal belongings that once made up his home.

"She hit another car. She come up on the sidewalk and hit the side of the house and everything came down from out of the house," said Riley.

In the daylight, people stopped to get a look at what's left of the house.

A clock still ticks away. Family photos hang on the walls.

At the time of the crash, Riley's wife was away from the home that's been in her family for more than 50 years.

Officials say the home was declared unsafe and will be torn down.

Riley says he is glad they're both safe but wondering when they'll be able to get back inside to retrieve any belongings left intact.

"How we gonna get our stuff out of there? Other than that- we'll deal with it. The Lord's on my side," said Riley.

Meanwhile, the driver was taken to Crozer-Chester Medical Center for treatment.

No word what sparked the crash.

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