Security heightened at Bartram High School

PHILADELPHIA - April 7, 2014

"Ain't no fights in that jawn," one student said while walking outside the school on Monday. It's in stark contrast to the assessment by district officials who describe Batram as a school in crisis.

Four additional Philadelphia police officers and school police officers began patrols at the school on Monday morning.

Ozzie Wright is also starting as Batram's new co-principal. Wright is known for his success in troubleshooting at schools.

A senior due to graduate in June said a crackdown is long overdue.

"The school is out of control, always fights and crazy drama going on. Smoking weed in the hallways," said Amanda Marchaman.

This comes after cell phone video emerged of a large fight in the school, and after a student knocked out a staffer put in place to deal with conflicts.

One parent with an honor student at Bartram said the school shouldn't be painted with too broad a brush.

"There's a lot of kids that are high achievers, there are good teachers," said Joe Garrett.

A local lawmaker said schools must be havens of discipline.

"The goal for the day is zero tolerance and to make sure the students in there understand that school is a place to come to, where they have systems in place, they have rules in place," said Rep. Ron Waters (D-Philadelphia).

The district has disciplined the students involved in that brawl.

School officials hope to get social services help for students who need it.

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