Money-saving outdoor Spring fix-up tips

AMBLER, Pa. - April 17, 2014

There are Steps you can take now to save you big bucks right through the Spring and Summer. Like cleaning out you air conditioner, so it runs efficiently, like uncovering your air-conditioning unit and cleaning it out.

She explains, "You can unscrew this grill at the top, remove that, take a shopvac and remove and leaves and debris that are down there that will obstruct good ventilation and flow."

Next, you'll want to check your roof -- IF you can access it safely.

Allen says, "Get on the lower roof line and just inspect. Loose shingles, anything going wrong. The other thing is to inspect the gutters. People had ice-damming underneath rooflines. So, you want to see that the gutters are snug to the house, (and) that they are free of leaves."

You can replace loose gutter spikes yourself. And cleaning out leaves and debris from gutters and downspouts will keep water away from you home's foundation, which helps prevent flood damage.

You might want also want to install and inexpensive, expandable downspout extender, which also moves water away.

And finally, inspect your trees and shrubs for damage, and consider new plantings that could help cut your cooling bills.

Allen adds, "You want to plant in the Southern exposure, if you can, so it can shade your house from the sun and give you more energy efficiency."

To get more of Allen's easy, money-saving DIY tips, check out her website by clicking here.

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