Meet the 2014 Best of the Class


For more than 30 years, 6abc has hosted the Best of the Class broadcast. Wednesday we met the stars of this year's show.

The vast majority of these Best of Classers were born in the year 1996. They do not know a world without the internet and barely remember one when you couldn't access the web in the palm of your hand. Few if any wear watches to tell time.

The infamy of September 11, 2001 was a day they experienced when they were in kindergarten.

6abc is proud to honor the very best students from the many high schools in our region. Two-hundred-twenty valedictorians gathered at Drexel's Great Court to tape our annual show.

Steve Toure plans to be a psychiatrist, to tackle the issue of bullying.

"Someone could think something is bullying when it's just someone calling you a name," Toure told Action News. "But other things are as nebulous, like if they really hate you and they're hitting you."

Matt O'Donnell managed to find the valedictorian at the school he once attended, Bishop Shanahan in Chester County, and he is thinking of studying chemistry Matt's college alma mater, the University of Delaware.

"I really feel like doing something with chemistry later in life," Paul Blanchard from Bishop Shanahan High School said.

In the world of a 2014 high school graduate, second-hand smoke has always been dangerous, Bud Selig has always been commissioner of Major League Baseball, and Nirvana is considered classic rock. In fact, Kurt Cobain was dead before they were born.

"The current issues change and so what we try to do is stay one step ahead of students as they come into the university," Dr. David Ruth of Drexel University said. "Right now it's all about technology."

A broad array of colorful caps and gowns, and colorful, smiling faces filled this great building on Drexel's campus on this warm, spring day. Opportunity abounds, the amount of new ideas are endless. The future has yet to be written.

You can watch our Best of the Class special presented by Drexel University. It airs Saturday May 17th at 7 p.m. on 6abc. There will also be a live twitter party during the show. Tweet us that night with the #6abcBOC and it could appear on the air.

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