Still no deal between SEPTA, unions

PHILADELPHIA - April 11, 2014

But here we are again - another Friday afternoon and half a million commuters are left wondering if their buses, trollies and subways will be here for them when they head back to work and school Monday morning.

We're happy to report the answer is "Yes."

SEPTA's contract negotiations with its two unions remain in a holding pattern as we head into the weekend. The transit agency made its most recent offer last Sunday. The Transport Workers Union demanded documentation, and over the past two days SEPTA has complied, sending the union thousands of pages breaking down the numbers.

Those documents are now being picked apart by lawyers and various experts. Until they're finished, no new bargaining talks are scheduled.

Union boss Willie Brown says riders will get fair notice before any job action.

Both sides say they are eager to get back to the bargaining table, but it may be days before that happens, and the employees, for now, will continue to work without a contract.

SEPTA says it has made its final offer. The union says they still have to iron out issues with pensions and health care. But, at least, folks will still be able to get a ride Monday morning.

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