Stalkers have QVC host living in fear

WEST CHESTER, Pa. - April 17, 2014

In the most recent case a man was found guilty of following Robertson and going to her Chester County home.

It's a frightening situation for Robertson, and if you work in a public job or under the spotlight stalkers can be the downside to the fame.

In a statement the host talked about the connection that happens with the audience but that some people simply take it too far.

The 48-year-old is a star host for the shopping channel and a former beauty queen.

Robertson says, "If I hadn't ever done pageants I would have never ended up in this job, so I'm glad that I did."

Featuring the latest in beauty and fashion, drawing some 20 million viewers a week, and now we're learning about the unwanted attention - facing stalking for years while on QVC.

In court documents and statements to officials, Robertson says that she's been secretly living in a constant state of fear.

"I lock myself in my house every day," Robertson said. "I check my alarm constantly. I watch my rearview mirror when I go home at night. If there is a sound at night, I lay awake wondering."

Former FBI agent Brad Garrett explains, "If you have active stalkers looking for you, you have to think through where you're going, how are you getting there, who's going to protect you? All of those things. I mean it's just exhausting for people that are being stalked."

In the most recent case 50-year old Peter Ferriera was sentenced to seven years probation for violating a court order from a previous stalking conviction.

Years ago he went to Robertson's home and followed her to a movie theatre.

In a police affidavit he said he was: "Close enough to Robertson that he could smell the popcorn she was eating."

In that case he pleaded guilty to stalking, serving 132 days in jail.

There have been other incidents for Robertson. A man reportedly drove to an area where he'd hoped to meet her and he arrived with engagement and wedding rings strapped his chest.

As you can imagine when hearing these stories, these have been absolutely frightening situations for Robertson.

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