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April 20th2014 The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia's Executive Director, Peter Gistelinck says the All Tchaikovsky program promises a night of intimacy that will sweep listeners away in the rapture of romance.

"We know Tchaikovsky for his real big works and the typical romantic symphony orchestra, 80, 85, up to 90 people, but this one is for a smaller setting," he says, "you see each individual musician, how they work, how they react to the conductor and that is something very, very unique especially in Philadelphia." The program offers two main works, Tchaikovsky's Serenade in C major and his Violin Concerto in D major led by Queen Elisabeth Competition prize-winning violinist, Saeka Matsuyama.

"She's an amazing violinist; she travels the world with all of the best orchestras," says Gistelinck, "she has had the perfect training and we are really looking forward to welcoming her here."

Gistelinck says what the production lacks in the size of the ensemble, it more than compensates for by creating a close connection to the audience. "It's an amazing beautiful concerto and it's also a concerto that is perfectly suitable for a chamber orchestra like ours," he says, "it's not often that you can enjoy high romantic concerts with a composer like Tchaikovsky in an intimate setting so this is a unique, unique opportunity.

The Chamber Orchestra will perform its All Tchaikovsky concert May 11th and 12that the Kimmel Center. For tickets and show times, go to /

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