Photo released of West Amwell anti-Semetic vandalism suspect

WEST AMWELL, N.J. - April 22, 2014

20 year-old Brandon Wetzel from Yardley, Bucks County is accused of spray painting swastikas and expletives on the sides of three businesses along Route 179 in West Amwell Township back on April 17th.

Wetzel is now facing criminal mischief and theft charges.

Business owner William Gibbs reacted to the vandalism as you would expect, telling us, "Like, what is this? You know? How could this happen here at this time and this day and this age?"

Gibbs, known to many by the nickname "Preacher", was stunned when he arrived at work last Thursday to find swastikas and curse words spray-painted all over his Chicken Dog Café and two other buildings in the Mount Airy Shopping Village on Route 179 in West Amwell, Hunterdon County.

Linda Gibbs says, "I came in the building crying. My husband said it'll be okay, but I'm like, 'They wrote curse words all over the building."

Property owner Monica Hood says, "The hate crime of the swastikas on the buildings... when I saw the extent of the damage I was shaken."

During this vandalism spree, power and phone lines were cut at a building down the road and the delivery car for a local pharmacy had its plates stolen and all four tires flattened.

The Chicken Dog Café remained open Thursday, and many locals stopped by to express their support for the owners and outrage over the profanity and hate symbols sprayed on the buildings.

Seymour Mondshein of Delaware Township says, "I'm especially offended because my father is a Holocaust survivor. He came to the United States after the Holocaust. To see this around the corner from me offends me and disturbs me."

West Amwell resident Fran Affleck tells Action News, "It was shocking and unconscionable to think that in this day and age something like this can happen. This is 2014 not 1940."

Brandon Wetzel has already posted $15,000 bail and remains free at this hour.

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