3 shot during funeral at Trenton church

TRENTON, N.J. - April 22, 2014

The shooting happened at 12:08 p.m. at the Galilee Baptist Church, located in the 400 block of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

The funeral was for 19-year-old Cagney Roberts, who was murdered on April 9th. The pastor was part way through the service when those inside the packed church heard shots.

Eric Muhammad, Robert's cousin, tells Action News, "We were in the middle of a funeral and all of a sudden we heard the shots. There were at least three shots fired."

Leslie Wilborn was also inside the church when the incident happened. "Pap pap pap - just like that. I know either inside or outside of the church," Wilborn said. "People were all under the pews. There was a child next to me, so I grabbed the child and yanked the child down."

Police say two males who were shot are now hospitalized in critical but stable condition. A woman was also injured by gunfire, having received a graze wound.

Police had been stationed outside the church, concerned about trouble since Robert's murder is unsolved. Officers saw a large group of young people congregating on the corner. Shots were fired out on that corner, but it's still unclear if any shots were ever fired inside the church itself.

Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera explains, "We're still trying to determine the exact crime scene, if you will. We know it was in the vicinity of the church. There is some evidence it happened in front of the church. We're still trying to determine what happened inside - if anything."

One woman was trampled in the chaos to get out of the church. Another woman suffered a seizure.

Police recovered five weapons - one inside the church, three in a nearby parking lot, and one from a man arrested leaving the scene.

Police will not say if they are looking for other suspects at this point.

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