Gas prices skyrocket at the pump

SPRINGFIELD, Pa. - April 27, 2014

"I just lost my breath when I pulled up and saw $3.75," Vicki Giunta-Abbott of Media, Pa. said.

Vicki isn't the only driver at a gas station in Media to notice the recent price jump at the pump.

"I didn't stop at a gas station near my house so I could go out here since it's a couple of cents cheaper. In Newtown Square, it's the most expensive from what I've noticed," Mike Duffy said.

According to AAA Mid-Atlantic, the average price for a gallon of regular gas in the five-county Philadelphia area is now $3.77.

That's up seven cents over a week ago and 31 cents over the same week last year.

In South Jersey, the per gallon average is $3.52 and in Delaware, it's $3.68.

AAA says concerns about tensions between Russia and Ukraine are one of the causes of the price increases.

As for drivers in the area, most say they're not happy about the prices, but they feel they don't have much choice, but to pay.

"I just tend to deal with it because you can't fight it," Joanne Juliano of Drexel Hill, Pa. said.

"I'm in outside sales so I got to deal with it," Jack Pajor of Old Forge, Pa. said.

AAA predicts prices could go up another couple of cents over the next week or so.

But they're also forecasting prices should then level out or drop and gas should be cheaper for Memorial Day weekend than on Cinco de Mayo.

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