$64,000 stolen from Horsham youth soccer group, DA says

HORSHAM, Pa. - April 30, 2014

Daniel Heinze was the treasurer of the association between November, 2009 and November, 2013.

District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said Heinze wrote 23 checks from the Soccer Association's account to his personal bank account.

Ferman said Heinze would forge the signatures of the Association's presidents and altered financial records to hide the missing money.

However, after he resigned, Ferman said the Association's board noticed discrepancies and sent the information to Horsham Police.

The D.A. said Heinze left behind a long paper trail.

"They started to look further and find records of voided checks for large amounts and when they compared that to bank accounts they found those checks had been cashed but were not voided, said Ferman.

An investigation revealed Heinze stole a total of $64,292, Ferman said.

There was no answer when Action News went to Heinze's home.

A message on the website for the Horsham Soccer Association, attributed to president Christopher Hurrell, said, in part:

"We assure you the existence of our club is not in jeopardy. Every action has been taken to make sure something like this incident will not happen again. We will continue to provide both travel and intramural soccer programs for our youth. We are excited about the start of our new Spring soccer program."

Ferman said stories such as this should serve as a cautionary tale.

"All organizations, whether they are businesses or non-profits, whether they are small associations or large, should not have that kind of responsibility in one person's hand," she said. "They have to have checks and balances."

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