Frederica, Del. man arrested for 6th DUI

FREDERICA, Del. - April 30, 2014

Elsworth M. Smith III, 30, was arrested after a crash at 5:12 p.m. on Tuesday at the intersection of Milford-Harrington Highway and Killens Pond Road in Harrington, Delaware.

Police say Smith was driving his pickup truck southbound and came to a stop at the intersection.

However, police say, Smith then pulled out into the intersection right in the past of an SUV.

The SUV slammed into Smith's pickup truck, police said, when then struck a Honda Civic that was stopped at another part of the intersection.

All three drivers were treated and released from the hospital for their injuries.

Smith was charged and is being held on more than $14,500 cash bond.

Police say Smith's DUI offenses date back to February, 2001.

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