Army Veteran meets his pen pals 50 years later

ByBeccah Hendrickson Localish logo
Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Army Veteran meets his pen pals 50 years later
PEN PAL MEETING: Fifty years after they became friends over letters, this trio had a one-of-a-kind meeting in Norristown.Army Veteran Ron Cavello of Norristown, Pennsylvania met his pen pals 50 years later.

NORRISTOWN -- Army Veteran Ron Cavello of Norristown served in Vietnam 50 years ago.

At the time, Patricia Gallagher started having her students at the old St. Paul school write letters to the soldiers. Cavello was one of the recipients.

Half a century later, one of his pen pals, Mary Ann Campo, found Cavello's name on a list of coworkers at USPS and reached out to him.

The three finally met in person for a one-of-a-kind reunion. This is the story of that meeting.

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