Additional ATMs blown up in Philadelphia as police release video of suspects

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Thursday, June 4, 2020
Surveillance shows ATM vandals warn customer before explosion
Philadelphia police released new video of three suspects blowing up an ATM.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia police released new video Thursday of three suspects blowing up an ATM at a restaurant after warning a customer to leave.

The suspects can be seen on video in the lobby of New Far East Palace Restaurant on Ruscomb Street in the city's Logan section.

It all started Tuesday night just before 11 p.m.

Police said one suspect entered the store and warned a customer to leave the business.

That's when investigators say the second suspect walked in and eventually lit the stick of dynamite while a third suspect held the door.

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During the process, they are seen lowering the metal security door to the restaurant just before the explosion happened.

Investigators said the trio got away with approximately $2,000 from the machine.

Police said thieves have blown up roughly 50 ATMs across Philadelphia, but in most cases, they are hardly getting away with any money because most machines are now being emptied as a precaution.

Chubby's Steaks on Henry Avenue in the city's Roxborough section has now been added to the list after being hit around 5 a..m. Thursday.

The manager said she even placed a sign on the ATM stating that there was no money inside, but thieves still blew it up and left behind a damaged machine while getting away with no cash.

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Attorney General Josh Shapiro said investigators have arrested a man accused of selling homemade dynamite online to undercover agents.

Shapiro also said the man had enough explosives in his car to blow up four ATMs.

"This isn't some cherry bomb. This is a serious weapon," Shapiro said.

He believes people are underestimating the danger while trying to make a quick buck.

"It is incredibly dangerous. People have died as a result of this type of dynamite being on our street," Shapiro said.

Police are continuing to encourage business owners to make sure money is removed from ATMs.