Cheap gas prices in New Jersey could end soon

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- Pain at the pump may soon get real for motorists filling up in New Jersey.

If the state senate votes to approve it, the gas tax could increase by 23 cents a gallon as early as Friday.

And if that happens, gone are the days of New Jersey being known for cheap prices at the pump.

"I'd rather walk places now, take the bus," Azrae Johnson of Camden told Action News.

Adrienne Jacoby lives in Philadelphia's Old City and only fills up across the bridge.

"If it goes to the same as Pennsylvania and they pumped it for me, I'll still come," Jacoby said.

Cash generated through the proposed increase would be earmarked for the state's transportation fund, which will run out of money on June 30th.

State lawmakers are linking the gas tax hike to a cut in the state's sales tax, which would drop from 7% to 6%.

But some taxpayers we spoke with aren't sold.

"They say they're going up about 23 cents on the gas, and eventually we'll be going down 1% on the sales tax," said George Dennis of Camden. "But the offset doesn't make sense. It doesn't add up. The math really doesn't add up."

While the tax may not hurt gas station business, motorists are bracing to stomach steeper prices this summer.

"People are going to come regardless, they need gas in their cars," Lynette Lawrence of Camden said.
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