B. PHL Innovation Festival focusing on collaboration

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021
B.PHL Innovation Festival aims to inspire creativity through collaboration
The free three-day festival is happening September 29 through October 1 and features a host of keynote speakers from different industries including Merck, the 76ers and Philly's ow. award-winning rapper, Eve.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- This year's B. PHL Innovation Festival is back for its third year and this celebration centers on collaboration.

This past year has been devastating for so many businesses and entrepreneurs, but it's also inspired a lot of change.

This year's festival is hoping to harness a lot of creative energy and support, and that's precisely why they are calling this "Rising through Collaboration."

They're gearing up for three full days featuring a variety of leaders, influencers and changemakers across a number of industries to inspire attendees, foster creativity and discover new ways to think.

"We try to think about what's top of mind," said Michelle Histand, the Executive Director of B. PHL. "What do people need? What are people craving? One of our big focus areas is social justice and impact. We know that diversity is such a big part of innovation, right? It's not just about diversity of thought. It's having different people at the table and having different perspectives. We have a big theme around equity and diversity and inclusion and belonging."

This year they're hosting the three-day innovation celebration both in person and virtually.

All of the events are free, and they have a host of keynote speakers from different industries, from Merck to the 76ers and more.

Award winning rapper and Philly's own Eve will also be on hand.

"We always really like to promote women doing amazing things," said Histand. "Eve is a trailblazer in the rap world, she's so multifaceted and multi talented. Of course, because we're in Philadelphia, we love to have somebody with a hometown connection. We were really excited to have Eve, and she's going to close out the festival for us, which is pretty awesome."

Organizers are also focusing on the rebound of so many industries and what's next.

The B. PHL Innovation Festival runs September 29th through October 1st.

All events are free but you must register.

For more information, CLICK HERE.