10-month-old falls 8-feet down into heating vent

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
Mom's warning to others after 10-month-old falls in heating vent
Saydie Reedy shared her terrifying account as a reminder to parents about even the smallest safety hazards.

COBURG, Oregon -- An Oregon mom is sharing her terrifying experience on social media as a reminder to parents to think of even the smallest safety hazards.

"I've never felt fear quite like that," Saydie Reedy recalled of the moment of panic.

Reedy told KVAL she had turned her head for just a minute to wash dishes. When she noticed her 10-month and 3-year-old sons were quiet, she saw 10-month-old Kolson was gone.

When she couldn't find him, Reedy said it was her 3-year-old who pointed at the vent and said, "Baby in."

Reedy said the family had been doing construction on their home and had not screwed down the screen on the vent. She called police the moment she realized Kolson may have fallen into the vent.

"I'm sure dispatch thought I was crazy because I was freaking and, you know, screaming," Reedy said.

This was a call Coburg Police Chief Larry Larson says they had not heard before and rushed to get the baby.

An officer entered through the tiny crawl space underneath the house, where he found Kolson and was able to lift him back up for other officers to grab him.

"I've never felt so relieved. I'm pretty sure I was bawling," Reedy said.

Days after the incident, Reedy took Kolson to the station to thank the officer who saved him. She says the photo of Kolson and Officer Wilson is getting a special spot in his baby book.