Back-to-school shopping in full swing before start of academic year

The supply lists are pretty typical except COVID safety items like masks and hand wipes.

Friday, August 27, 2021
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Summer break is winding down and the first day of school is just days away, which means it's a mad dash to get school supplies.

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Summer break is winding down, and the first day of school is just days away, which means it's a mad dash to get school supplies.

"One of the big things is hand sanitizer. I keep it in the kids' book bag so that way, they have their own personal one on them, so they can keep themselves safe," said Joseph Cobb of Overbrook.

Parents are double-checking school lists to make sure nothing is left out.

"I think it's probably understood that they should go with Lysol wipes, hand sanitizer, and masks. That is what I am sending my kids in with," said Kristin Michiels of Narbeth.

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Many families are stocking up at stores like Staples.

"From past history, it's been busy, busy, and even when school starts, you still have that last-minute final rush. Labor Day is one our biggest days because some go back before Labor Day and some go back after," said Staples general manager Jason Taylor.

Taylor says the supply lists are pretty typical except those COVID safety items, like masks and hand wipes.

"Those are definitely on a lot of school lists. There is definitely more of a demand for that than in previous years, so that is why I ordered extra tissue, sanitizer, masks. We have everything extra in stock to make sure we have every possible thing on the school list," said Taylor.

Now that back-to-school shopping is complete for some families, some students count down to the first bell, but some admit they will miss the virtual lifestyle.

Parents should check with their school districts for a complete list of the necessary back-to-school items.

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