Doane Academy introduces their first female head of school in 50 years at traditional event

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Saturday, September 23, 2023
NJ Academy introduces first female head of school in 50 years
Making history through tradition! Doane Academy kicks off the new school year with canoeing in the river while celebrating the first female head of school in fifty years!

BURLINGTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Doane Academy introduces its first female head of school in 50 years with a traditional ceremony!

Canoeing in the river is a yearly tradition for Doane Academy's students and staff.

A group of staff and senior students kick off the new year with this event; and, this time they have something extra to celebrate.

The ceremony introduced the school members to their new head of school, Erin Mayo.

Mayo is the first woman to hold the position in the last 50 years of the Academy's history.

"Now that day has come," said Mayo.

Mayo rode in a canoe with the students and staff, receiving warm welcomes with cheers from those watching.

"Seeing those little kids cheering on the bank, I don't know what in the world would beat that," Mayo said.

With this new position, Mayo intends to lead Doane Academy and its students into a bright future.

"I hope that young people, not just young women, see somebody like me in a role like this...feeling empowered to make big choices themselves," said Mayo.

As this milestone was achieved for her, Mayo sees a path for future female leadership in schools.

"Speaking about the education world, there are many more female leaders. So we're moving in the right direction," said Mayo.

For more information about Doane Academy, visit their website.