Camera found in restaurant women's bathroom

Monday, March 28, 2016
VIDEO: Camera found in restaurant women?s bathroom
Police are investigating after a camera was found inside the women?s bathroom at a Moe?s Southwest Grill restaurant in Milltown, Delaware.

MILLTOWN, Del. (WPVI) -- Police are investigating after a camera was found inside the women's bathroom at a Moe's Southwest Grill restaurant in Milltown, Delaware.

The discovery was made the evening of March 19th. A female employee of the restaurant on Kirkwood Highway reportedly became suspicious after comments made by a male colleague.

She checked the women's bathroom and found a tiny video camera attached to a trash can with a flat connecting wire leading to a battery.

There was also a memory card device.

Sources who say they reviewed the memory card video were alarmed at what they found, describing the images as a disturbing invasion of privacy. They estimated there could be more than 100 individual video clips of women using the restroom.

Among the most troubling images, we were told were, of a little girl believed to be 5 to 11 years old.

The camera and the video were turned over that same evening to the Delaware State Police.

A spokesperson confirmed there is an on-going active investigation into the matter.

By phone the franchise owner, Roshan Patel, told Action News he had "no comment at this time, we don't want to release anything at this time, we are working with police."

A spokesperson for Moe's corporate headquarters said the company is aware of the situation, that the safety of guests is a top priorty, and reiterated that the franchise owner is cooperating with the investigation.