This beekeper keeps more than 100 'pet' colonies in his yard

ByBeccah Hendrickson Localish logo
Monday, May 31, 2021
This beekeper keeps more than 100 'pet' colonies in his yard
Bruce Rodriguez is a beekeeper who keeps hundreds of colonies in his yard and takes care of them as pets!Bruce Rodriguez is a beekeeper in Bernville, Berks County who keeps colonies of bees as pets in his Pennsylvania backyard.

BERNVILLE, PA -- Bruce Rodriguez is a Pennsylvania beekeeper who lives in Bernville, Berks County. At any given time, he has hundreds of colonies of bees living in his yard and he cares for them as they are his pets.

He started a blog called to educate people about bees and answer questions.

He also offers a service where if you have an unwanted swarm of bees in your yard, he will remove it for you.

For example, a family had a swarm of bees living in a hundred-year-old barrel, so he helped that family remove the bees. Because of that, he got a new colony and the family got their barrel back!

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