3 children hospitalized, 9 others treated for wasp stings in Delaware

Wednesday, August 10, 2016
VIDEO: Children injured in wasp attack
A dozen children were attacked by wasps at Rockwood Park in Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, Del. (WPVI) -- Three children have been hospitalized and nine others treated by paramedics after being stung by wasps during a summer camp picnic at a park in Wilmington, Delaware.

It happened shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday in Rockwood Park, located on the 600 block of Shipley Road.

New Castle County EMS Sgt. Abigail Haas explains, "This is the first that we've seen of this in probably a very long period of time. So this is not something we routinely go to."

A dozen children between the ages of 7-12 were stung by wasps just as they were sitting down for lunch.

About 200 children from around the area were at the park for day camp. This particular group was the New Castle County Summer Camp.

Officials say the wasp nest was disturbed by one of the campers and the insects swarmed out and attacked.

Counsellors immediately called 911.

New Castle County Executive Thomas Gordon says, "These parks are huge and nobody knew that they had a nest over where the bus was dropping the kids off. The good news is everybody is alright. It's minor and paramedics are taking care of them. They're getting the parents on the way."

Nine children were treated at the scene, three were taken to the A.I. duPont Hospital for further observation. They were released around 12:30 Wednesday afternoon.

Sgt. Haas says, "All three of them did have a known allergy so we felt that it was in the best interest for further evaluation to be transported,"

Although it was quite a scare for everyone involved, these kinds of calls are a rare occurrence.

"It's not that concerning, given the fact that it's nature. Those things are going to happen. The thing that we were really concerned about was the fact that we responded quickly and mitigated the situation in the best interest of those kids," Haas said.

An exterminator was called to the scene and sprayed the nest.

Gordon says, "We plan to bring the children ice cream on Friday. That's a better way to celebrate the end of summer."