Black bear caught cooling off in kiddie pool

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Wednesday, July 27, 2016
(Picture courtesy David Zbaracki )
Picture courtesy David Zbaracki

A black bear was caught cooling off in a kiddie pool filled with water in the backyard of a home in Duluth, Minnesota, on Monday.

David Zbaracki tells ABC News that he snapped a photo of the bear from behind his kitchen window.

"I kind of did a double take," Zbaracki said. He explained that at first, he thought the black bear was his dog Gipper -- a 125-pound Newfoundland dog who also happens to be "big, black and furry just like a bear."

But it wasn't.

"I came over to the window, looked at the bear, snapped photos and got a good laugh," Zbaracki said.

The encounter didn't worry Zbaracki.

"Duluth is very much on the shores of Lake Superior, and there's a whole bunch of green space," Zbaracki said. "It's kind of a like an urban wilderness, so people here are pretty used to encounters with wildlife. We see a lot of deer and other animals, and though bears aren't quite as common, we know they are around."

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