FarmerJawn, Philly Forests, Sistah Seeds sowing the future of Black farming

ByNatalie Jason WPVI logo
Tuesday, February 15, 2022
Young Black farmers sowing the seeds of farming's future
The owners of FarmerJawn, Philly Forests, Sistah Seeds are reviving Black farming in urban communities.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Since the height of Black farming in the 1920s, the number of African-Americans going into agricultural careers has dwindled.

For Black owner-operators in urban areas, the presence is low but appears to be making a comeback.

Three young women in the Philadelphia metro area are leading the charge.

FarmerJawn is a multi-site farm that just acquired space in Elkins Park. Founder-CEO Christa Barfield is on a mission to re-introduce farming into the lifestyles of urban people.

At Philly Forests, Director Jasmine Thompson grows not just fruits, veggies, and herbs, but also grows trees. Part of the revenue from crop sales goes to providing free trees to residents in low-canopy areas of the city. She also runs the Germantown Farmers Market.

A new venture, Sistah Seeds is just starting after a successful GoFundMe campaign. Launched by Amirah Mitchell, her seed production farm will harvest and sell seeds of crops with a very specific focus -- cultural heirloom crops of the African diaspora.

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