Fitzpatrick wins brother's US House seat

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016
VIDEO: 8th district congressional seat
It was William Shakespeare who asked the question - what's in a name?

Republican Brian Fitzpatrick will succeed his brother in Congress, winning election to the U.S. House to keep a closely divided suburban Philadelphia seat in the GOP's column.

Fitzpatrick beat Democratic state Rep. Steve Santarsiero (san-tuh-SEE'-roh) in Tuesday's election in a hotly contested race during which Fitzpatrick had said he wouldn't vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

The 42-year-old Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent and federal prosecutor, is the brother of retiring incumbent Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick. He moved from California to run.

The win by Fitzpatrick all but kills Democrats' hope of narrowing the GOP's 13-5 advantage in Pennsylvania's U.S. House delegation. Over the last four decades, the seat has changed parties five times.

The Eight District includes part of Bucks County and a sliver of Montgomery County.