Victim's son questioned in stabbing deaths of couple, 5-year-old boy in Bronx apartment

ByKemberly Richardson WABC logo
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
Son of victim in Bronx triple stabbing being questioned as possible suspect
Kemberly Richardson has more on the investigation.

NEW YORK -- The teenage son of a man killed in a triple stabbing in New York's Bronx section is being questioned as a possible suspect. Three people, including a child, were found stabbed to death inside an apartment Sunday morning.

Jonathan Rivera and his son Kayden Rivera were found repeatedly stabbed inside their building in Mott Haven at 8 a.m.

Kayden's mother, 33-year-old Hanoi Peralta, was also targeted in the deadly attack.

Our sister station WABC learned on Monday that Jonathan's teenage son checked himself into the hospital with cuts on his hands. The staff said he also made statements about hearing voices in his head.

Family members of the victims are trying to come to terms with the heartbreaking loss.

Less than one month ago, the family celebrated Kayden's 5th birthday.

In an exclusive interview by phone, Peralta's sister said she wanted the world to know just how special Hanoi and Kayden were. For her safety, her name is not being revealed.

"He loved his mother, she loved that boy," Peralta's sister said. "Where he was at, there she was. Where she was, he was. They both had life purpose that was taken from both of them."

The 911 call came in Sunday around 6:45 a.m.

Jonathan's body was found in the lobby, while Peralta and their son were inside the couple's first-floor apartment.

"God gives lives, he doesn't take them. That baby, that young lady, that family didn't deserve that," neighbor Paulette Williams said.

Peralta's sister said that she and Hanoi just saw each other a few days ago.

"We spent the day shopping for Christmas," she said. "The next day was Thanksgiving. Never expected someone to want to harm them or anybody of all people -- a kid at that."

She remembers Kayden as a ball of energy, who would light up a room.

"The sweetest little thing. He loved action figures, anything Marvel. He owned a toy shop, he had it all," she said.