Must-have Mexican pizza features authentic flavors from Oaxaca

ByJose Mayorquin Localish logo
Monday, November 13, 2023
Must-have Mexican pizza features authentic flavors from Oaxaca
Mexican pizza featuring authentic flavors from Oaxaca is a perfect collaboration between Brooklyn Ave Pizza Company and Madre Oaxacan Restaurants, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.

BOYLE HEIGHTS, Calif. -- Oaxaca is known by many as Mexico's kitchen, and the state's cuisine continues to grow in distinction. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, one of Los Angeles' most popular Oaxacan restaurants teamed up with Brooklyn Ave Pizza Company to introduce a pizza featuring authentic flavors of Oaxaca.

"Our collaboration with Madre is our take on their Tlayuda," said Jorge Sandoval, pizzaiolo and executive chef at Brooklyn Ave Pizza Company. "It's a popular dish that's growing in Los Angeles and really popular in Oaxaca."

"It's not your typical, fast food Mexican pizza," said Ivan Vasquez, owner of Madre Oaxacan Restaurant. "This is the true inspiration of two different, great restaurants in Los Angeles."

As part of the unique collaboration, the Oaxacan pizza can also be paired with one of three mezcal spirits, curated by Vasquez who is a mezcalero, mezcal expert.

Brooklyn Ave Pizza Company will feature two more Latino flavor inspired pizzas in partnership with SOMOS food products throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

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