The Brooklyn Navy Yard is New York City's new coolest spot to hang out

BROOKLYN -- From launching the most famous fighting ships in the United States to becoming a center of urban manufacturing and innovation, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is like no other place in New York.

"I really hope that people visiting the Brooklyn Navy Yard for the first time realize what is here and how cool it is," said Transmitter Brewing owner Rob Kolb. "It's a place to hang out, enjoy it, sit down, and take in the sights of the navy yard."

Located across 300-acres along Brooklyn's waterfront, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was established in 1801 as an active shipyard for the United States Navy.

Some of the most well-known battleships of the World War Two era, including USS Maine, USS Arizona, and USS Missouri, were built at the navy yard.

Nowadays, the Brooklyn Navy Yard operates on a one-of-a-kind ecosystem with over 400 businesses and 11,000 employees in their yard.

The different sectors at the yard include food, industrial, manufacturing, security, transportation, hospitality, design, engineering, and so much more.

"The primary reason to come down to the Brooklyn Navy Yard is the ability to experience our food manufacturers," said Brooklyn Navy Yard Chief Development Officer Joanna Greenberg. "Everything from tacos, bagels to beer."

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the companies at the Brooklyn Navy Yard came together to help New Yorkers.

"For those months of spring when global supply chain really broke down, our manufacturers came together and created 25% of New York City PPE," said Greenberg. "When you need people who can make things, invent things, and create things, it's important to have an eco-system of those kinds of builders and innovators right here in New York."