Brooklyn rapper records 1st album in secret ... inside SoHo Apple Store

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Thursday, July 9, 2015
VIDEO: NYC rapper records album in Apple store
An aspiring rapper in New York says he recorded his entire album at an Apple Store in SoHo.

SOHO -- A rapper from Brooklyn is getting credit for the creative way he recorded his new album.

It was done secretly inside the Apple Store in SoHo.

So how did he manage to pull it off using computers on display in the store?

When 25-year-old Prince Harvey makes music, he does it all.

"I made all the beats with my voice," he said. "It was all a capella, and then I put lyrics over it."

But studio time and equipment are expensive, so he sought out an alternate means of achieving his goal.

"My computer crashed, and then it got stolen," he said. "And where can I go that I have access to a computer and cool software."

So almost everyday for four months, the Bushwick resident used the computer with a mic and headphones at the Apple Store, transferring his work to a drive, mostly under the radar.

"A few employees, they kind of smoothed things over with their manager," he said. "They were like, 'Hey, he's doing something creative. Let him do it.' They'd come around sometimes, they'd check in on me, listen to the music. They're like, 'hey, how's the masterpiece going?'"

One time, he nearly lost a day's worth of work at the hands of one employee.

"She shut down the computer, so everything that was there just got deleted," he said. "But then when I went back onto the computer the next day, the stuff was still in the trash. So I was like, hey, I'll just use this stuff here."

Many shoppers were impressed.

"I think it's genius," one said. "Good for him. Kudos. I want to take note on how I can do the same."

And Prince Harvey said he just did what he had to do to complete the album, which comes out July 27. And if he sells a lot, he'll buy his own computer.

"It's not the only thing I'll buy, hopefully," he said.

The name of the album is fittingly the acronym for Prince Harvey at the Apple Store SoHo. You can figure out what that spells.