Bucks County pharmacist takes pride in helping community: 'I think of them as my family'

HOLLAND, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- For the few thousand people who live in Holland, Bucks County, there's still a place to go where someone knows your name.

"I think of them as my family. I know them, I know their stories. I know how to meet their needs," said Bonnie Millman, who's been the proud owner of Village Shires Pharmacy for almost a decade.

Part of that pride is survival.

"I find when we go to the chains, they don't know us as people. Bonnie does know us and our needs," said Kristen Slota, a pharmacy customer.

The other part of the pride is how Bonnie is saving lives.

"She has jumped through hoops to get this going for the pharmacy and for the community, and it's honestly an effort from her heart," said Kathy Verica, the lead pharmacy technician in the store.

Bonnie and her team have vaccinated more than 5,000 people against COVID-19. It's a number greater than the population of her town.

"I put myself in the place of every person I talk to and I listen to their stories. They're just not numbers, they're people. It's very real," said Bonnie.

While the world is inching back to normal, Bonnie has kept a "COVID Vaccine Clinic" sign outside of her pharmacy. She still has plenty of vaccine doses left and she'll keep offering them as long as there are people who need their shots.

She knows to end the pandemic, it will take entire communities with heroes like her leading the charge.

"People could see their families again and people could be not afraid because it was terrifying," she said.

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