FYI Philly: New Center City restaurant takes you back in time!

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Thursday, November 5, 2015
VIDEO: FYI Philly Bud and Marilyn's
One of Center City's newest restaurants is turning back the clock by serving up American comfort food with a retro feel.

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- One of Center City's newest restaurants is turning back the clock by serving up American comfort food with a retro feel.

13th street in the heart of Center City was once pretty desolate and undeveloped.

But two women, who are entrepreneurs, foodies, and - some might say - visionaries, transformed the neighborhood into the now trendy Midtown Village.

Now, they're adding to their empire with a ninth business - a restaurant that's a real throwback.

On the corner of 13th and Locust Streets, Bud & Marilyn's is a time warp to a simpler generation.

"You walk in here and it feels like a 1970's kind of rec room," said Valerie Safran, co-owner of Bud & Marilyn's. "Just to escape the crazy world. It's good to go back to our roots - retro and very mid century modern."

The newest eatery from restaurateurs Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney is inspired by Marcie's grandparent's restaurant, a Ripon, Wisconsin staple called The Spot.

"This is kind of an homage to them in the design of Budd & Marilyn's. You feel like your sitting at The Spot if I was cooking my food in their restaurant," explains Marcie.

Bud and Marilyn would be in awe of Marcie's take on American comfort food, like the super popular cheese curds.

In fact, the curds come from a co-op in Wisconsin and are served with a charred scallion ranch and roasted tomato salsa for dipping. You'll be in curd heaven!

Marcie's meatloaf breaks the mold you remember from the past.

"It's dry aged beef with some veal. We stuff it with Fontina and chard," said Marcie.

And of course it comes with the essentials: mashed potatoes, vegetables and...

"Gravy in a gravy boat - you have to have a gravy boat," said Marcie.

From the fried chicken to the pu pu platter, you'll have flashbacks with updated flavors.

Every detail is inspired, whether its wallpaper, the bar stools or the cocktails - such as Marilyn's Old Fashioned.

"The namesake of the restaurant. She did like to have an Old Fashioned and she drank hers with brandy," said Terence Lewis, Beverage Manager at Bud & Marilyn's.

While Bus and Marilyn's might be an ode to the past, Marcie and Valerie continue to build towards the future, expanding Midtown Village block by block.

"13th Street just keeps growing and getting better," said Valerie.

The restaurant is Marcie and Valerie's 5th restaurant, along with their 4 other little shops - also all on 13th Street - which is now bustling around them.

Alicia Viratelli and Karen Rogers will be hosting this weekend's FYI Philly from Bud & Marilyn's.

You can watch FYI Philly Saturday at 7:30 p.m. on 6abc.