Burlington Rocks: Police hiding rocks for kids to find

Thursday, October 27, 2016

BURLINGTON CITY, N.J. (WPVI) -- Don't be alarmed if you see Burlington City police officers hiding rocks around town.

There's nothing wrong, they're just getting ready for their new program called Burlington Rocks.

"The hope is to build a relationship between us and the kids here in town. We're going to set these rocks out all throughout town and we're going to provide clues," Burlington City Police Ptl. Robert Perro said.

There are 16 rocks in all, hand-painted by volunteers in great detail featuring the police department's logo.

Kids who find them should notify the police department and will be eligible for gift cards donated by several local restaurants.

"It's bringing such positivity to the community. It's really bringing people together," Dawn Donnelly of Burlington Rocks said.

Cops got the idea from a growing Facebook page called Burlington Rocks started by Donnelly and her daughter.

Community members have been painting all kinds of rocks and hiding them around town.

Now, police want to get in on the fun.

Burlington City takes community policing seriously. This summer they handed out vouchers for water ice to children.

"Many times when you create that relationship with these small projects, in the time of an emergency, those young children are going to know who our officers are and that relationship and communication is already ready to go," Burlington City Police Captain John Fine said.

"Looking at these rocks, I think I'd like to go out and find one myself," Burlington City Police Chief Alan Snow said.

So don't be surprised if you see kids and families roaming the streets like detectives following the clues.

"It's like they found gold. They're truly excited," Donnelly said.

Speaking of gold, whoever finds the big, shiny gold one will be the grand prize winner to be announced November 4th.

Clues will be posted on the police department's Facebook and Twitter pages and the Burlington Rocks Facebook page.