Husband and wife duo are switching the style of sweets to give back to the community

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Saturday, September 16, 2023
TAFF Treats switches the style of sweets with freeze-dried candy
Chris and Katie Malenich are the husband and wife business team behind TAFF Treats, a freeze-dried candy store where you can try anything for free!

BROOKHAVEN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- "Try anything for free" is the meaning behind the "TAFF" in TAFF Treats!

TAFF Treats is a freeze-dried candy business focused on bringing different styles and textures to sweet eating.

"What once was chewy, like caramel, is going to be light, airy and kind of dissolve in your mouth," said co-owner Chris Malenich.

From life partners to business partners, TAFF Treats is run by husband and wife duo Chris and Katie Malenich.

"We both have different ideas, Chris is super creative and I'm more on the business end of it, so that definitely makes things easy and worthwhile," said co-owner Katie Malenich.

TAFF Treats gives back to the community with monthly mission bags, donating proceeds to an organization or charitable cause. The first month is for Team Vincent the Conqueror for the CHOP Parkway Run.

"Last year we had the opportunity to work with them, we had special gold bags of our Delco Puffs that we sold for them; and, we were able to raise over five-hundred dollars for the Parkway Run," said Katie Malenich.

"Our mission is to bring people together through the freeze-dried experience," said Katie Malenich.

For more information on TAFF Treats, check out their website or their Instagram.