Bingo's Foundation carries the legacy of founder's beloved pet by rescuing local kittens

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Sunday, April 21, 2024
Bingo's Foundation shelters rescued cats awaiting their forever home
Eleanor Shaknitz is the founder of Bingo's Foundation, a cat shelter seeking to provide companionship to the community.

BUCKS COUNTY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- For over twenty years, Eleanor Shaknitz has been sheltering cats in Bucks County.

She was inspired by how her life changed when adopting her cat: Bingo.

"We never deny any type of cat...If we have room, we'll take them in. Once a bingo cat. Always a bingo cat," said President and Founder of Bingo's Foundation, Eleanor Shaknitz.

Years later, she seeks to provide that same companionship to community members with Bingo's Foundation.

"We're a no-kill shelter, and we usually house about 40 to 50 cats," said Shaknitz.

With their team of volunteers, they provide cats a comforting stay until they've found their forever homes.

"I've adopted out many cats to people who have never had animals before... I've gotten feedback where it's changed their lives," said Shaknitz.

For more information on Bingo's Foundation, check out their website.