People push to celebrate holidays early given miserable year amid pandemic

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- In a year full of surprises, the Grinch was the one spreading holiday cheer at Love Park on Saturday.

"This whole COVID has been down for everybody, so I know we may be going to lockdown soon," said the Grinch, who traveled two hours to visit Christmas Village. "So we might as well cheer up a lot of people before that happens."

The lights and the push towards the holidays are providing a much-needed morale boost as winter slowly approaches.

"It's so wonderful," said Dawn Mincey of Southwest Philadelphia. "We're going through so much, you know, and you start seeing this stuff. It kind of uplifts your spirits."

Over in the suburbs, homeowners are doing what they can to lift their spirits.

Lori Cordes and her family in Havertown, Delaware County, were putting up Christmas lights Saturday.

"It's got to cheer us up," said Cordes. "Somethings got to pick things up around here, so we thought we'd have Christmas a little bit early. So at least on Thanksgiving night, we can turn on the lights and start the holiday immediately."

Jumping on the Christmas lights early, Theresa Goldsby and her family are the only ones in their neighborhood with decorations.

"It's actually kind of embarrassing, but we had fun doing it, and the neighbors say they are enjoying it," said Theresa Goldsby of Wynnewood.

The Goldsby's say this is new for them, as they've never put decorations up outside before.

"It's 2020, and we aren't able to travel to see family for the holidays," said Goldsby. "So we wanted to do something that would bring some fun and happiness to the season."
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