Several Chadds Ford families stuck after bridge taken out by storm

CHADDS FORD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Several families in Chadds Ford, Delaware County have no way in or out of their homes after the bridge to their block began to collapse in Friday's storm.

The township's roadmaster says some people who live on Hickory Lane had to be evacuated Friday through the creek that runs at the bottom of a hill on the block.

"I'm just glad everybody's safe and no true property damage on homes," said Leigh Irwin, who was on vacation during the storm. She says she thought her home was safe after going unscathed during Tuesday's tropical storm, and then came home to see her driveway washed away.

"My driveway was flooded and I have to have someone come in today and put in stones and rocks to repair it," she said.

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Chadd's Ford roadmaster Dennis Henry told her to report the damage. The township is hoping to get emergency assistance from the state or federal governments.

"There was nowhere for the water to go, so it just came down the road in torrents," said Henry.

He says the township also saw significant damage on Webb Road. It will probably be closed for a month as PennDOT works on it.

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"Where we had one stream running, we now have three paths of water," he said. His interest there goes beyond his township duties; his home was damaged there too.

"I don't think I've come to grips with it yet because it's been too wet to even attempt to get a bulldozer out there to remove some of that rock," he said.
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