Pa. baby born without anus goes home after 8 months in hospital

Monday, April 15, 2019
Baby born without anus goes home after 8 months in hospital
The lengthy stay included seven surgeries and stays at multiple hospitals, including CHOP.

WINDSOR TOWNSHIP -- A baby born with a rare medical condition is finally home eight months after he was born.

Jackson Kuhn, the younger of twin boys born to Andrew Kuhn and Katie Faulkner, underwent seven surgeries during the eight months he spent in multiple hospitals, including CHOP, according to Fox 43 via CNN.

The child was born with an imperforate anus, a condition in which the skin covering his rectum never fully formed.

He was transferred to Johns Hopkins Hospital, which was better equipped to handle his unique condition. But after five months of treatment, the family was told their insurance wasn't accepted, and Jackson was forced to move to CHOP - nearly two hours from their home.

Now, Jackson has been reunited with his minutes-older brother, Jamison, and the rest of the family. But he's not out of the woods just yet. His stool now drains into a colostomy bag and he is fed nutrients through a tube. The family has also been saddled with expensive medical bills for his care, but they're just happy to have him home.

"Just seeing his smiling face everyday home with us, it beats any bill, you know," his parents said.