Delaware candidates for U.S. senate debate on Inside Story

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Sunday, October 19, 2014
VIDEO: Candidates debate
Candidates appear on 6abc Inside Story.

Election Day is fast approaching. Candidates have just about two weeks to get out their messages. On Sunday morning, Delaware's U.S. Senate candidates faced off on 6abc's Inside Story.

Democratic Senator Chris Coons and Republican challenger Kevin Wade were at odds on health care, immigration, and how to handle Ebola.

Wade wants new restrictions on travel from the hardest hit West African countries.

"We would have no Ebola in this country if it wasn't for passengers coming from that part of the world and we cannot bring our important help to Africa if we're not healthy ourselves," Wade said.

Coons says such a move would be counterproductive.

"After speaking with the head of the CDC and those who are in the lead of our public health response, I'm convinced that we can't strand the hundreds, even thousands, of Americans who are currently serving in these three countries as missionaries, as doctors, as nurses, and in our armed forces, by closing our borders to anyone who might start a trip from there back to the United States," Coons said.

A recent statewide poll shows Coons with a big lead in the race.

Voters will decide if those polls are right on November 4th.