City Winery Philadelphia hosts 'Fierce Light' live shows to showcase and benefit women

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Thursday, March 23, 2023
City Winery Philly hosts 'Fierce Light' showcase to honor women
Known as the "Fierce Light" campaign, City Winery shines a light on female artists and nonprofits.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For a tasteful evening of entertainment, City Winery Philadelphia has the perfect blend.

The venue is celebrating Women's History Month with live performances and a limited edition wine benefitting the ladies.

"There's been a history of women, especially in the workforce and in the arts, not getting the recognition that they deserve. So we're helping to kind of uplift the voices of those women in those roles, "says Emma Degennaro, Marketing Director at City Winery.

Known as the "Fierce Light" campaign, City Winery shines a light on female artists.

Live performances on the main stage are paired with a selection of fine wine and food, with many popular performers coming to Philadelphia to celebrate the luminous fundraiser.

Grammy-award-winning singer Elle Varner made her fourth appearance at City Winery this past Sunday.

"It's a very intimate setting. I get to be so close with my fans," says Varner. "Women are often seen and not heard. And I'm gonna use my platform and my voice anytime I can to speak on behalf of women."

Limited edition Fierce Light wine products are available for those who can't make a show but still want to contribute. Proceeds benefit female-focused non-profits.

"We are donating a portion of the proceeds to Sister Song, Sister Reach and Women's Refugee Commission, as well as $15 of our special label Fierce Light wine towards those charities as well," says Degennaro.

"Fierce Light" wraps up its live shows with a Tribute to Gladys Knight on March 24 and the "See, the Thing Is" live podcast show on March 25. Tickets and show times are available on City Wine's website.

And there are plans for a new campaign in June to celebrate Pride Month, with drag brunch and a nightly drag review on the docket.