Troubleshooters: What does Comcast settlement mean for customers?

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Thursday, October 13, 2016
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Comcast "wrongfully charged" some of its customers for services and equipment they never ordered. That's the allegation from the Federal Communications Commission.

After news broke Comcast is being forced to pay the biggest cable fine in the history of the Federal Communications Commission, many consumers are asking questions.

The FCC concluded that Comcast wrongfully charged some of its customers for services and equipment they never ordered.

Comcast says the problems stemmed from "isolated errors or customer confusion."

But the Action News Troubleshooters have also received and resolved numerous billing complaints from Comcast customers.

The Troubleshooters got the Lehmans a refund from Comcast for $600 after the couple told us the cable company erroneously billed them for 5 years for a cable box they'd turned in.

The Troubleshooters got the Camerons a Comcast refund to the tune of $200.

And now, thanks to the FCC settlement, the cable giant will have to make changes, which includes:

-Offer customers the ability to block - at no cost - the addition of new services and equipment.

-Send customers an order confirmation that clearly describes newly added-features and their charges.

-Implement a program that makes it easier and quicker for customers to fight billing mistakes.

But here's the rub: Comcast has until July of 2017 to have these new processes in place.

And the changes don't have to be applied to orders until Dec. 31, 2017. So Comcast customers may not see any real improvement until 2018.

If you have a problem in the meantime, let us know. The Troubleshooters are here for you.

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