Mystical mashup "Come Away" is now streaming

If there were ever a time to truly believe in magic, this seems to be a good one!

A brand new film just hit our family of streaming apps. It's a story where real-life pain meets the power of the imagination.

It also stars some of our favorite actors and fairytale characters.

"Come Away" is a mystical mashup of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan, but in this film, they are siblings in a real-life setting.

It stars Angelina Jolie and David Oyelowo.

Their family suffers a great tragedy and the children tap into the power of wonder.

I had a chance to chat with David, about how critical that notion is.

"We actually made the film before the pandemic," says Oyelowo. "We couldn't have known that all of humanity would be going through this challenging time. The film has become even more resonant than we thought it would be when we first made it. To take a leaf out of that book, when it comes to imagination, and still finding joy in the midst of challenge, is something that I think is so important."

The film also taps into the whimsy that adults tend to let fade away as we grow older.

"As adults, sometimes some of the magic, some of the joy, some of your wide-eyed appreciation for life gets eroded," he says. "This brings us back."

"Come Away" is on our family of connected apps right now.
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