WhyPayMore Dental helps take a bite out of dental bills

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Thursday, February 25, 2016
VIDEO: Local company helps take a bite out of dental bills
A trip to the dentist doesn't always have to take a bite out of your wallet.

WAYNE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Because of the cost, a lot of people put a trip to the dentist on the back-burner, waiting until they have a serious, sometimes painful emergency.

But a trip to the dentist doesn't always have to take a bite out of your wallet.

Sue McDonnell waited until she had a toothache to see a dentist, even though she has dental insurance.

"Even with dental insurance, you still have a lot of out of pocket. Dental costs are just exorbitant," she said.

So McDonnell did an internet search to find a nearby dentist with reasonable prices.

"WhyPayMore came up," she said.

WhyPayMore Dental is based in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Its mission? "Know before you go."

Just enter your zip code and the treatment you need, and you'll get a list of local dentists.

"Including pricing, reviews, distance..." said Andy McKinley, WhyPayMore Dental President.

You can compare three at a time and view their comprehensive profiles..

"We make sure that every license we put on is in good standing," said McDonnell.

You can search for dentists who take your insurance, or book an appointment through the site and access discounted out-of-pocket prices pre-negotiated by the website. This could save you up to 40 percent!

"It's one stop shopping," said McKinley.

And it pays to shop. Action News searched for a crown in zip code 19131. We found prices that range from $689 dollars to $1,400 dollars!

"For me, who is not too computer savvy, it was very easy to work," said McDonnell.

After her search, McDonnell booked with Dr. Michael Bundy at Smile Exchange in Springfield.

Dr. Bundy tells Action News his normal promotional price for first-time patients is $99 dollars, but what if you book through the WhyPayMore Dental like McDonell?

"It's $1 dollar. Patients can come in and get an exam, x-rays, and a treatment plan," said Dr. Bundy.

Yes - just ONE dollar!

"And hopefully by being more transparent and going online and seeing you can afford a cleaning and an exam, it'll help to avoid emergencies," said Dr. Bundy.

For more information on WhyPayMore Dental, CLICK HERE.