Delaware Family Tells Story of Collective Fight, and Triumph, Over COVID-19

NEW CASTLE, Delaware (WPVI) -- A family in New Castle, Delaware is recovering from a serious case of COVID-19 after attending a birthday party last month.

Three members of the family had to be hospitalized and, needless to say, there were some scary moments.

This story begins back on July 11 when Delores Nelson's adult children, Leonette Davis-Collins and Christopher Davis, were exposed to the virus during a family birthday party.

Davis-Collins says, "We didn't know it at the time but, what, a day or two afterward my brother started having some body aches, chills, and a little fever."

Within a matter of days both Leonette and Christopher were in the hospital with acute COVID-19 symptoms.

Then, a few days later, as these siblings celebrated their mom's 71st birthday via Zoom from their hospital beds, Leonette noticed something disturbing.

She says, "I was watching my mom on the video and I said she doesn't look right. Something's not right. She was very winded."

The next thing you know mom is diagnosed with COVID-19 as well, joining her children at Christiana Hospital.

In fact, Leonette insisted that she and her mother share a room.

She says, "When she came walking into that door, I mean, although we were in the hospital, I was happy to see her. I was like,'Mom!' We just cried."

The loving family members were admitted at different times but were released from the hospital together last Wednesday.

They say excellent medical care, including convalescent plasma treatments, played a critical role in their recovery along the prayers and faith of family and friends.

Christopher adding, "It was scary because you don't really know whether you're going to come out of the hospital but you put your trust in God and see how He works."

Leonette also says the bigger story is the effect of COVID-19 has had on her extended family.

Two of her aunts, and an uncle, were also hospitalized with a virus.

One of them did not survive.

So tonight, while the family is grateful to be back home they are encouraging everyone to continue taking the pandemic seriously until a vaccine is developed and approved.
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