Can't stop worrying about the coronavirus? Find time to unplug, experts say

ByVanessa Vasconcelos KFSN logo
Saturday, March 14, 2020
Can't stop worrying about the coronavirus? Find time to unplug, experts say
As coronavirus concerns grow, panic is setting in for many and mental health experts say it's best to arm yourself with information and to unplug sometimes.

FRESNO, Calif. -- School closures, financial uncertainty, canceled events.

Fears surrounding COVID -19 continue to mount.

As health experts work to mitigate the spread of the virus, panic is setting in - something we're even seeing in the shopping aisles.

"History shows that with all of these viruses, when they hit and we have a lot of the unknown, people react rather than waiting and seeing how things are going to transpire," says Fresno Health and Wellness psychologist Dr. Michelle Scoggins.

Scoggins says the panic over coronavirus is spreading faster than the disease itself.

"It's normal that these anxieties come up with any sort of virus or outbreak and we've also seen what it's done to China and Italy and that brings us to a greater fear in the United States," she says.

Coronavirus is becoming an everyday conversation, even in her patient sessions.

Dr. Scoggins recommends staying informed but also finding time to unplug.

Alejandro Murillo says his family limits their time outdoors now but he wants to make sure the fear doesn't impact his son.

"Don't try to get too afraid or too much into it. Be smart but still have fun with it," he says.

As for coping mechanisms, Dr. Scoggins recommends yoga, meditation, breathing exercises.

"If you're feeling overwhelmed, feeling like the symptoms aren't going away, that you're having a difficult time sleeping or being around people or have this overarching fear of what the future may hold, definitely seek out a professional," she adds.

Much like you would go to the doctor for signs of physical illness, be sure to seek professional help for your mental well being.