All 3 types of COVID-19 vaccine now approved for booster shots

All three types of vaccines are now eligible for booster shots and health experts say it's OK to mix and match.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- New guidance from the CDC open COVID-19 booster shots to more groups and health experts hope people will take advantage.

All three types of vaccines are now eligible for booster shots and health experts say it's OK to mix and match.

"I actually had Pfizer when it first came out and now they said we can get a booster, so I'm anxious to get. it, anything that can keep me healthy," said Kathy Sims from West Philadelphia.

She saw the vaccine was available at Blackwell Regional Library in her neighborhood and decided to pop in for her booster shot. The staff there says they've provided 104 doses to the community with this Friday clinic.

"People don't have to leave their neighborhood if they want to get vaccinated. They can come in, they can pick up a book, they get vaccinated, and be on their way," said Jamie Bowers, a librarian.

The city hopes more people will seek out boosters because of new guidance from the CDC. Booster shots of Pfizer and Moderna are being recommended for those who are 65 and older, people with underlying health conditions, and frontline workers.

An extra dose is also being recommended for anyone who got the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

"There is a recommendation for really anyone who got J&J to go get a booster as long as it's been 2 months, instead of 6 months for the other ones," said Dr. Marci Drees, the chief infection prevention officer for ChristianaCare.

As of now, only a fraction of eligible people have gotten their COVID-19 boosters. In Philadelphia, only about 3.7% of those fully vaccinated. Pennsylvania is at 6.5%, New Jersey is at 6.2% and Delaware is at 7%.

"You want to make sure that your protection is still as strong as it could be, particularly if you're at higher risk of severe COVID," said Drees.

Experts say numbers have been low because of availability; now, health officials are saying you can mix and match vaccines for your booster. For example, if you were originally vaccinated with Moderna, you can get a Pfizer booster shot.

"Definitely, now that I know, now that I'm informed, yes," said Burwlin Anderson from West Philadelphia.

"I think I'm going to actually wait and see how things develop between now and then because things change so quickly, you don't know what's going to happen between now and then," said Charlene Blair, of Lansdowne.
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