Crawfish uses flood to stage grand 'escape'

Monday, May 30, 2016
A now-viral Facebook post from Waller depicts a crawfish seemingly making a break for it.
Jessica Ardonne Newton

WALLER, TX -- All great escape artists need a distraction to make their break, and this crawfish is no different.

After another round of heavy rain moved through the area on Friday evening, Waller, Texas resident Jessica Ardonne Newton spotted a lone crawfish waltzing through the parking lot of the Buc-ee's on highway 290.

In a photo uploaded to Facebook, the defiant -- and newly free -- crawfish appears to flash its claws in a display of bravado:

Commenters on the post, which has already been shared over 3,000 times, were quick to point out that a seafood restaurant sits across the street from the Buc-ee's.

Could the calculating crustacean have used the chaos surrounding the severe weather to make a break from the seafood restaurant before meeting its fate in a pot of boiling water? Might it have slipped out just in the nick of time and headed to Buc-ee's for a bag of Beaver Nuggets?

We may never know for sure.

Enjoy your freedom, crawfish.