Dirty Dancing Meets West Philadelphia in viral video

ByJessica Gonzalez WPVI logo
Friday, September 4, 2020

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It was a movie about unexpected summer love and how dancing connected two people who wouldn't have otherwise been a couple.

We are talking about "Dirty Dancing," and there must be something about the music because we're also talking about two West Philadelphia friends whose spontaneous sidewalk dance isn't just going viral... it's getting the two stars thinking: maybe there is something there!

Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze put a lot of time into perfecting their iconic final routine, but Lakia Garrick and Carl Scarborough did it impromptu after a card game with friends.

They had never danced together before!

The duo met just a month ago over a Facebook group and have become fast friends but now that their video has gone viral...well it has them thinking.

"I don't know I would say it sparked a little something... I wasn't expecting it to go viral like it did and people were just like, 'look at that couple and see how in love they are, I'm like that's not where we were heading with that," said Lakia, while laughing.

Life can lead you in all sorts of directions when you least expect it!

Lakia tells Action News they are both single and have been finding out very quickly how much they have in common.

Including their love for 80's dance routines.

We should add that Max, the guy who recorded the moment from his window, says he's very excited about how much joy the video has brought to people... and that Lakia and Carl aced the lift the first time, but he didn't capture that.

The video has more than 200,000 views and counting... which will mean that's going to be one very big wedding if that dancing chemistry turns into something more.