Disney's Animation Studios features 1st all-Latino cast in new film 'Encanto'

The film is also a beautiful celebration of Colombian culture.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Disney's 'Encanto' celebrates Colombian culture
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Disney's latest animated film "Encanto" tells the tale of the Madrigal family who lives hidden in the mountains of Colombia in a magical charmed place called the Encanto.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Coming to theaters on Wednesday is Disney's newest film "Encanto," a story about family and embracing those with special gifts.

This movie is the 60th film for Walt Disney Animation Studios and its first to feature an all-Latino cast.

Action News had a chance to chat with the stars ahead of the much-anticipated release, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the songs for the film.

Back for a second score after his work on Moana, Miranda's music introduces us to the Madrigals, a magical, multigenerational family.

They live in an Encanto, which is an enchanted house, or casita, in Colombia.

Every family member has been given a special gift, except for one person.

"Here's this very ordinary person in this very extraordinary family," said Stephanie Beatriz, who plays Mirabel. "All of them have special, fantastical, magical powers except for Mirabel, which really stinks."

But Mirabel makes the audience think about their own unique magic.

"I think the essence and the spirit of this movie is to invite everyone to discover that there is there's a drumbeat inside of us that that is waiting to wake up," said Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Mirabel's dad, Agustín.

The film is also a beautiful celebration of Colombian culture.

"I have roots in Puerto Rico and Mexico," Miranda said of visiting Colombia for inspiration. "It's sort of like going to your cousin's house and looking through their family album."

John Leguizamo, who plays the outcast Uncle Bruno, added, "It's so exciting to see like a real Latin family. They got all the Cumbia right. They got all the pieces in the right place. It sounded beautiful and looks amazing. The whole color spectrum of our Latinidad was there represented. I'm so proud to be part of this flick."