Fan starts petition to bring back 'Dollar Dog Night' after Phillies replace hot dog deal

Friday, March 1, 2024
Fan starts petition to bring back Phillies Dollar Dog Night
The change comes after a Dollar Dog Night in 2023 turned into a massive food fight and some fans getting thrown out of the game.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- After 27 years, the Philadelphia Phillies have done away with an iconic deal that many fans say saved them money.

Many were left upset after the announcement to replace "Dollar Dog Night." One fan has even started a petition to reinstate the hot dog tradition.

While "Dollar Dog Night" might be a thing of the past, the stadium said they will be doing a BOGO deal, where you can buy one hotdog at the regular price of $5 and get one for free.

The change comes after a "Dollar Dog Night" in 2023 turned into a massive food fight. People were launching hot dogs from the upper decks and several fans were even thrown out of the game for it.

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Following the controversial announcement Thursday, longtime Phillies fan, Christian McGovern, started a petition online in hopes the popular hot dog deal will be reinstated.

Nearly 4,200 people have already signed it as of Friday morning.

McGovern argues that the tradition was not only affordable but also a symbol of community spirit.

"It's a tradition. I love it. I look forward to Dollar Dog Night all year round," McGovern said. "When the schedule comes out the first Tuesday in April, I know it's Dollar Dog Night and we see who they're playing and we buy tickets right away."

He was there that night during the infamous food fight but his mind hasn't changed.

"If they enforce the buy one get one, I will be outside of the stadium in a hot dog suit with a sign protesting for dollar dogs," McGovern said.

The Phillies organization says the food fight left a major mess to clean up and that fans who took a survey did not find the night enjoyable in part due to long lines, as people went back time after time for multiple hotdogs.

Despite the difficulties, fans who spoke with Action News still said Dollar Dog Nights -- which started in 1997 -- was a highlight of the season.

"It was an amazing tradition and I'm very sad about it," said Ella Strauss, from South Philadelphia. "Last year, I will say it was pretty difficult to get a hotdog. I went in line got four hotdogs and was never able to get one again."

"They're expensive and, you know, they don't have that many days of the dollar dogs. Why get rid of them? People enjoy it," added Tammy Cappetti, who is also from South Philadelphia. "I know it did get rowdy, so there's reasons on both sides but I wish they would just keep it."

Phillies say they'll be adding additional areas to cut down on lines and plan to add more security because they say the food fights just can't happen.

This season's Hatfield Phillies Franks BOGO Nights will be Tuesday, April 2 vs. the Cincinnati Reds, and Tuesday, April 16 vs. the Colorado Rockies. Both games begin at 6:40 p.m.